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10th & 11th December 2010

International Mountain Day 2010 - Rock Climbing Competition

On IMD 2010, The Adventure Club-Pakistan and Ibex Club organized a wall climbing competition, which was participated by 162 registered participants (42 female & 120 male climbers) in various age categories separately for girls and boys, while a lead climbing category for professional climbers was also included in the competition. A brief overview of the competition is as following:

Event Name : IMD 2010 - Climbing Competition
Dates : 10-11 December 2010
Venue : Climbing Arena, Ibex Club Lake View Park, Islamabad
Organized by : Ibex Club + The Adventure Club Pakistan
Patronized by : PTDC + Ministry of Tourism
Awards Sponsored by : Petzl, France ( Climbing equipment items )
Awards Ceremony : 11th. December 2010 at Climbing Arena / Ibex Club
Categories : Boys/Girls, U-14, U-16, U19, 19+, Male Open Pro/Tech
Certification : Participation certificate to all participants
Award : Climbing equipment items

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